Flexibility, performance and cost, (both capital and operating) have become key factors in today’s growing manufacturing market place.  For decades hydraulics and mechanical presses were the only options for high-speed, high-force assembly and forming applications. More recently hydra-pneumatics and servo based systems have emerged as viable alternatives. So which technology is best suited for a specific application? We highly recommend contacting Aries Engineering for specific application engineering and testing if required but the following information can serve as a base guideline.

Aries Engineering is the only manufacturer located in North America offering both hydra-pneumatic and servo driven solutions.

Hypercyl Hydra-Pneumatic Actuators

Capability: Utilizing 2 pneumatic valves for operation and a FRL greatly reduces start up time. Cylinders are available in 5 design configurations and 11 standard sizes. Best used for; crimping, dimpling, peening, swaging, inserting, clinching, pressing, staking, piercing, punching, marking, bending and forming. When coupled with the Intellicyl option, (load cell and LVLT) force distance monitoring is available.

Reliability: (MTBS) Mean time between service interval of approximately 4-5 million cycles because down time is not an option. Limited Lifetime warranty, which is a first in our industry and over 36,000 successful installations worldwide.

Speed: 6in/sec. fast approach speeds similar to that of a pneumatic cylinder and 2.0in/sec. high pressure speeds similar to that of hydraulic cylinders.  

Forces: 1-200 tons of output force using 30-100psi shop air.

Maintenance: 20 million cycle seal rating before replacement recommended. Field serviceable by maintenance techs and 24 hour Hypercyl assistance is available.

Cost: Clean, quiet compact self-contained units with very low startup costs versus medium to high cost hydraulic and servo systems.

Hypercyl Electro- Mechanical Actuators

Capability: Opens entirely new capabilities as force, speed and distance requirements are completely programmable. Requires the use of a full PLC/PC based electrical panel and 230V/460V. Available in 3 design configurations and 9 standard sizes. Best used for push-to- position or push-to-force applications, push and pull applications and spring preset applications. Provides a high repeatability of .0001”, internal THK internal non-rotate feature and internal load cell. Signature analysis, data logging, part history, trending and root cause analysis options are also available. 

Reliability: Life under load from 1.2 million in. to 56 million in. Full 1 year warranty. Ball screw configurations used for lower cost yet high speed, Roller screw used for high life expectancies while still offering medium to high velocities.

Speed: From 4.0in/sec to 16in/sec with an extremely high rate of repeatability. Requires a deceleration setting to maximize tooling life and screw life.

Forces: 1-10 ton in ball screw configurations (BS1 & BS2) with a medium dynamic load rating per million revs. 1-25 tons in the roller screw configuration with a high dynamic load rating per million revs.

Maintenance: 3-6 months lube schedule, periodic belt tension check.

Cost: Clean, energy efficient self-contained package. Emerson techniques servo motor or customer spec servo motor can be included. Very energy efficient when compared with hydraulic systems of comparable sizes. Higher cost when compared to hydra-pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

Additional Products

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Intellicyl - load cell & linear transducer

HyperPress-C Frame, H Frame, CGB Frame

Equalizing/ Non-Equalizing Units

Pneumatic Rod Locks

Industries Served:

Hypercyl Hydra - Pneumatic Actuators

Industries Served - automotive, department of defense, lawn & garden, appliance, h-vac components, food & beverage packaging, munitions, destructive testing

Hypercyl Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Industries Served - medical device manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, food product manufacturing, clean room environments, lab testing

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