Over the years, SCHMIDT Technology has expanded its servo-controlled press technology to include eight high-end ServoPress Systems, rack & pinion-driven ElectricPress Systems and our recently introduced high-speed TorquePress Systems. Each product group offers not only servo-controlled pressing but also unique capabilities that are best suited for a particular application. To select the best servo-controlled press, you need to understand the important differences between our three product groups. Then, by comparing the differences in mechanical design and how each system works, you will have a better understanding of which system is best for your specific needs.

Since almost all of our servo-controlled presses come equipped with either a PressControl 600 or PressControl 5000, they offer 100% in-process monitoring. Therefore, performance results for each press cycle are automatically captured and compared against user-established parameters. The PressControl verifies that the ram’s force and distance fall within appropriately placed force/distance windows and stroke tolerances.

ServoPress Systems for the Most Demanding Applications

For the most complex pressing requirements, our ServoPress Systems are the perfect choice. Integrated into our ServoPress Systems are: an electro-mechanical motor, a precision ball or planetary roller screw spindle, a load cell and PDA for force feedback, and a resolver for tracking the ram stroke position. Our ServoPress Systems provide not only true closed-loop position control but also true closed-loop force control. They are available as either a modular unit or as a manual workcell.

ElectricPresses for Cost-Effective Servo Control

ElectricPresses with forces up to 2,250 lbs., with or without process monitoring, were introduced to bridge the technology gap between a standard air press and a servo press system. Air-operated presses frequently require mechanical devices to compensate for incoming air pressure variations, and they are often prohibited inside clean rooms. An energy-efficient ElectricPress is an excellent alternative to an air press. Because of their innovative rack & pinion drive system, ElectricPresses are more cost effective than ball-screw-driven servo presses, yet they provide the same level of programmable control.

ElectricPress Automation Models, designed specifically for integration into automated production lines, allow builders or integrators to supply their own control and safety systems. Our more advanced ElectricPresses, equipped with the PressControl 600 and an integrated load cell, can manage all ram motion via true closed loop position and force control while applying their process monitoring capabilities. We also provide our ElectricPress Systems for more simple workcells with safety packages.

TorquePresses for Accurate Ram Positioning

SCHMIDT Technology recently added the torque-motor-driven TorquePress 500 Series to its family of servo-controlled assembly presses. Because of its integrated force/stroke monitoring system and true closed loop position and force control, the TorquePress provides unparalleled accuracy, precision and process control. When compared to a servo press, the TorquePress has the same precise motion and accuracy, offers the same process monitoring capabilities, provides a more consistent speed and is more economical. Having a very low moment of inertia, the TorquePress is much faster than a servo press or a gear-motor-driven system and can reach working speeds and decelerate in milliseconds, thereby significantly reducing cycle times. Because a torque motor stays cooler for longer periods, it can remain at peak load for up to 2.5 seconds. In contrast, a servo motor would shut down instantly once it hits its peak load.

The TorquePress’ in-line, direct-drive design has a positioning sensor built into the ram and integrated into the closed loop position control to guarantee absolute stroke measurement. By measuring the ram stroke directly at the ram, the TorquePress can detect and compensate for any tolerance variations including the thermal expansion of the ram. For instance, a ram is programmed to extend to a position location of 2.00 inches with the ram temperature measuring 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pressing action causes the ram to heat up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the ram can expand and extend to 2.0016 inches. Because a traditional servo press uses its motor and resolver at the motor axis to determine its ram position, this position change would not be detect. So if your application requires the best true ram positioning system, the TorquePress combined with our patented Dynamic Bending Compensation Software that compensates for any press frame, tooling and part compression/relaxation present during the pressing process is most likely your best solution.

TorquePresses are available in two forms. The first is designed to integrate into automation systems where a higher level PLC will control the complete production line and the second is a standalone manual workcell with safety package.

Contact SCHMIDT Technology today and let our technical staff work with you to find the perfect press that meets your specific needs.