Cleco has been a leader in industrial tool for decades. Our drive to provide the best solutions in the marketplace ultimately led to the development of the LiveWire tool family. This made Cleco the first in industry to provide the benefits of a corded DC electric tool; reliability, repeatability, traceability, and modularity, into a lightweight, portable, cordless package.

With an ever-increasing demand to reduce defects reaching customers and a desire to decrease the number of off-line rework processes has led manufacturers to seek new and improved cost-effective solutions. Our newest generation of LiveWire tools addresses this need. An industry-leading ability to use either 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or XBEE wireless communication allows seamless integration into any network situation without worrying about lost data or tool downtime. The addition of an accessory platform affords the opportunity to customize solutions on a per application basis.

TOOL LOCATOR: Adding a tool location module gives the ability to confine the tool to a specified zone. When an operator leaves the designated zone, the tool becomes disabled and will not allow any fastening operations to be completed. This prevents incorrect tool use on critical applications further enhancing product traceability.

ON-BOARD SCANNER: Using an on-board scanner eliminates the need for a third-party corded scanner thus reducing the need for cable festooning and reducing equipment count. This allows the operator to stay in-station and select the correct application by scanning a VIN, serial number, or image, while also being able to lock out the tool in the event of an incorrect scan.

GYROSCOPE: The addition of an on-board gyroscope allows the tool to compensate for operator influence in angle measurement and control. This increase in accuracy eliminates the need for stationary tool fixturing.

LiveWire Mini-Spindles combine the flexibility of wired or wireless connectivity with the modularity of a fixtured spindle application. For unique applications with space limitations, LiveWire Mini-Spindles eliminate the need for complex fixtures and extensive festooning of cables typically associated with fixtured spindle applications.

The best part is that all of these solutions require only one Global Controller and one network connection. From handheld tightening operations to custom fixtured applications, Cleco’s LiveWire solutions enhance product quality while improving your bottom line.

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