A major issue faced in the assembly process is human error. An error can happen for a number of reasons; untrained employee, undefined assembly process, or the wrong part being chosen. A process control solution solves these issues.

In the age of Industry 4.0, technology has evolved to error proof the assembly process with employee assistance. The employee assistance system guides your employees systematically through an easy-to-read interface. Depending on the variant, process steps are called and tools are parameterized automatically. PivotWare is Desoutter’s process control system. It allows you to request direct support or to call for help documents.

With PivotWare, you have your product quality under control. Assembly errors are immediately detected and remedied thanks to the integration of Smart Tools and real-time feedback. Forgotten operations and confused components are a relic of the past thanks to PivotWare.

Whether big data analysis or birth certificate per component - PivotWare always gives you the full overview without manual extra effort. Information gathered and proof of proper completion is a great benefit for assembly processes. PivotWare provides the assurance of error proof assembly, the stress of making a mistake is removed.

When an error does happen, PivotWare will not let the operator proceed. The error has to be addressed, executed again, and fixed before the assembly can continue. If the operator has too many failures, the assembly line manager will receive a notification and will be prompted to use their administrative login to clear the error and address the problem.

Pivotware will reduce cost of production because of its ability to detect errors early and remove the threat before it causes long-term issues. Three main features that PivotWare provides are; Complete independence, Island-based architecture, and Demand-oriented expansion. You are in full control of your process and can take small steps into transforming into an Industry 4.0 plant. In an era of needed error proof assembly process, PivotWare is here to guide you.

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