Manufacturers KSM Log Homes Ltd. and AgJunction are located on opposite coasts of the United States and serve different industries. Nonetheless, they often face similar linear motion challenges with their equipment.

Mifflintown, PA-based KSM has been manufacturing kits for prefabricated log homes and providing log home supplies since 1976. The company designs and builds all of its own equipment, including a state-of-the-art woodworking
machine that automatically mills notches into heavy logs eight to 10 hours per day, five days per week.

This machine is part of KSM’s effort to automate production and lessen equipment setup time. Unfortunately, its internal multiple-axis guidance system is exposed to a constant avalanche of wood chips and sawdust during operation.

To protect the system during linear motion, KSM equipped the machine with size three DualVee guide wheels, drilled tracks and bushings from Bishop Wisecarver Group. Further enhancing machine performance are HepcoMotion narrow track roller bearings. All of the components operate reliably without wear or the need for lubrication on track surfaces.

Engineers at Freemont, CA-based AgJunction (formerly AutoFarm Novariant) faced a different challenge several years ago. They needed a bearing durable enough to handle the high torque of a mechanical drive unit that powers a GPS-assisted device (OnTrac2) for steering agricultural equipment. The bearing also had to smoothly traverse joints, be quiet and reliable, and withstand a high volume of dust and temperature variations.

AgJunction selected size one and two DualVee guide wheels for the application. The wheels ride on the edge of a custom-made ring in different size drive units, which easily mount just below the steering wheel of any agricultural tractor, sprayer, spreader and combine. Once in place, the hands-free device automatically steers the vehicle so the operator works the field more efficiently and accurately. In addition, the OnTrac2 eliminates skips and overlaps, and reduces fuel and material consumption, and operator stress and fatigue.

Bishop Wisecarver’s linear guide wheels come in six sizes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4XL) and feature an external and internal 90 degree vee angle. Made of 52100 steel or 440C stainless steel from stock, the wheels have a double row angular contact bearing for excellent load capability and long life. Options include seals and shields to meet specific application needs; special wheels for clean room, debris-laden, low- and high-temperature applications; and custom lubricants.

HDS2 narrow track rollers incorporate a single row ball bearing and nitrile seals to inhibit ingress of liquids and contaminants. They are greased for life and well suited to run on the rear face of a single edge slide or track. Bearing assemblies include a blind-hole BHRN58C/ENS, a through-hole THRN58C/ENS and a through-hole THRR58C/ENS, all of which feature an HRR58SW space washer.

Linear guide track has a single 90-degree vee surface with drilled through holes for easy installation. Different mounting configurations come in various lengths to handle several carriage thicknesses. The track is available in AISI 1045 carbon or 420 stainless steel, soft or hardened, polished and oiled.

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