TUCKER, GA—Briggs & Stratton Corp. plans to open a new advanced assembly plant here to meet increased demand for its Vanguard commercial battery system.

Located northeast of Atlanta, the 78,000-square-foot facility will start with four assembly lines with capacity to accommodate future growth.

“This facility is in addition to the current production space located in Wauwatosa, WI, which, going forward, will serve as a developmental facility to support the influx of customers in a wide range of markets, including lawn and garden, military, construction, municipal, and golf and leisure,” says Dave Rodgers, senior vice president and president of global engines and power at Briggs & Stratton.

The company has filled 50 to 60 battery-oriented jobs in Wisconsin over the past 18 months and will be adding another 70 in Georgia in the near future.

Briggs launched its 48-volt Vanguard commercial battery system in October as part of a business transformation that includes investing in battery technologies and driving growth in commercial markets. The company has already entered into agreements to supply batteries to two manufacturers of light electric vehicles.