What does a Delta Regis Count-Verify Controller do?

Delta Regis Count-Verify Controllers help to identify and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Time window based rundown verification is implemented to detect cross threading, stripped threads, incomplete rundowns and missing components. The batch count function verifies that all fasteners have been installed and were seated to the screwdriver’s preset torque. Using a Counting Controller is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most - right in the assembly area.

Assembling product quickly and efficiently is a key component of profitability. Careful consideration must be given to the consequences of shipping product with missing or improperly installed fasteners. Identifying and correcting screw fastening issues at time of initial assembly is more cost-effective than reworking the product afterwards.

Which Delta Regis Screwdrivers is the Count-Verify Controller compatible with?

Our Count-Verify Controllers are used with Delta Regis 32V/40V CESL8/CESL9 Series Brushless Electric Screwdrivers. Contact us for your specific requirements.

Available Functions:

Available functions include Slow Start, Batch Counting, and OK/NG Rundown Indication based on the screwdriving cycle occurring within a predefined time window.  An I/O terminal strip provides the interface to outputs for rundown OK, rundown NG, and batch complete. External switches can be wired to the input terminals for remote screwdriver enable/disable, remote start/reverse, and clear (reset batch count).

Parameters are set-up on the Controller using the four button keypad and LED display panel. A simple program loop provides access to settings for slow start speed and time, batch count quantity, and min/max allowable rundown times. During normal operation, the large two-digit display shows the current screw count value and also provides visual LED indication of whether the rundown was Good or No Good based on the time window parameters that have been programmed into the controller.

Remote Sequencing Option -3SL

In some applications, there may be a requirement to remotely select from one of three available parameter sequences that have been pre-programmed into the controller. The ‘-3SL’ version of the controller replaces the standard remote start/reverse inputs with a remote sequence selection input option. With this option, any one of the 3 sequences may be selected by providing a remote input from a PLC or external switches.

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