SAN FRANCISCO—Four-year college is not for everyone. Indeed, there are many well-paying and rewarding jobs where a traditional degree is not required. Manufacturing is a great example.

A new podcast series called TalkShop profiles people in a wide variety of industries. The goal of the program is to encourage students and their parents to explore alternative career paths. Recent segments have included a diesel mechanic, an electrician, a flight attendant, a millwright and a real estate professional.

One of the latest episodes features Seth, a young assembler who works for a contract manufacturer that produces components used in the aerospace and high-tech industry. During the 43-minute interview, Seth talks about his background and his typical work day, where his duties vary from riveting to quality assurance.

TalkShop is hosted by Helen O’Brien, a career coach on the West Coast who has worked with thousands of high school students looking for jobs that don’t require a traditional college trajectory.

“On TalkShop.Podcast, I interview people in jobs and career paths where a four-year college degree is not necessary,” says O’Brien. “This is not just about the trades; this is about all jobs where just a two-year degree may suffice or maybe a training program is all that’s needed. There are some great programs out there where you learn while you earn...and don’t incur any college debt.”

The TalkShop.Podcast is available on Anchor FM, Apple, Google, Spotify and other platforms.