TORRINGTON, CT—NASA has listed light-curable conformal coating 9771 from Dymax Corp. on its Materials and Processes Technical Information System (MAPTIS).

MAPTIS provides a single-point source for materials properties for NASA and NASA-associated contractors and organizations. The database contains physical, mechanical and environmental properties for metallic and nonmetallic materials.

Dymax’s 9771 conformal coating is formulated for use on critical printed circuit boards in missiles, satellites and spacecraft. Being listed in MAPTS—the material has been assigned MAPTIS number 09841—means that NASA has independently verified that the coating has passed the ASTM E595 testing standard, and it allows engineers looking for low-outgassing materials to find the product more easily.

The ASTM E595 test is a screening procedure to determine the volatile content of materials when exposed to a vacuum environment. The test is run at 125 C under a 5 x 10-5 Torr vacuum for 24 hours. Then, the total mass loss and collected condensable volatile materials are measured. The latter is of particular interest, as it might be indicative of loss of electrical continuity, or some other effect caused by material being deposited where it is not intended.

In conjunction with the NASA material number, dispense guidelines have been established to ensure that a consistent coating thickness of 50.8 to 101.6 microns is achieved. Dymax recommends applying the conformal coating using a PVA Delta 6 selective coating and dispense system with an FCS300 series valve.

Dymax 9771 is a reworkable conformal coating that cures with light and moisture to ensure material that flows underneath components on PCBs fully cures. The product complies with MIL Std 883 Method 5011 for low ionic content, and meets UL 94 V0 flammability and UL 746E standards.

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