Pleora’s AI expertise helps manufacturers ensure quality, lower costs, and protect their brand.

The company’s Visual Inspection System reduces quality escapes and gathers key data from manual processes. The solution integrates Inspection and Tracking & Reporting apps that are trained on a manufacturer’s unique products and processes.

Inspection apps require just one image to start, and automatically highlight differences and deviations for an operator. As the operator accepts or rejects potential errors, the AI model is transparently trained based on their decisions. With Tracking & Reporting apps, manufacturers can collect data on manual processes for issue resolution, inventory management, batch tracking, and more.

For automated applications, Pleora’s eBUS AI Studio and AI Gateway are an integrated algorithm development and deployment solution that lets manufacturers add advanced inspection skills without changing infrastructure or end-user processes.

Pleora’s AI solutions are designed into consumer goods, food & beverage, print & packaging and parts manufacturing applications.

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