Effective Tooling for Assembly

Automation Assembly tasks often present challenges! A lot happens in a small space - fast cycle times and high-quality finished product is paramount. Schunk offers some suggestions for common challenges:

Utilize Robot Payload - Select gripper fingers that are optimal to their payload to increase reliability and produce better assembled products.

Be Flexible - Quick-change products allow tools to be changed or replaced at the robot wrist, machine table, or even the gripper fingers.

Improve Cycle Time - Mechanical actuators can respond quickly to commands and move faster, thereby reducing cycle time.

Reorientating Workpieces - Parts often need to be flipped or rotated to be accessed correctly as they travel through the process. Accomplish this with a reorientation station using standard components, all pre-designed to work together.

You do not need to reinvent the wheel for every aspect of custom automation, there are many standard modular solutions to customize to your needs.Schunk logo