WICHITA, KS—Integra Technologies, the largest U.S. outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) company, plans to invest $1.8 billion to build a large-scale manufacturing facility here. 

The project represents the second-largest private investment in Kansas history. The 1 million square foot plant and headquarters facility will create nearly 2,000 jobs averaging $51,000 in wages. A Wichita State University economic impact study estimates an additional 3,161 jobs will be generated by suppliers, construction labor, and other service positions.

Founded in Wichita 40 years ago, Integra is an employee-owned company with operations in Wichita and Silicon Valley, providing OSAT services for more than 500 customers, including many from critical infrastructure sectors such as the military, aerospace, medical, aviation, automotive, commercial and industrial.

OSAT providers play a critical role in the semiconductor industry, serving as subcontract manufacturers of semiconductor devices. The company performs the last half of the manufacturing required to make chips and validate their functionality before they are shipped to become part of devices.

The announcement comes as the United States tries to rebuild domestic chip-making capacity. The federal bipartisan CHIPS Act was passed in 2022 to boost U.S. competitiveness, innovation, and national security in the semiconductor industry. The $52.7 billion legislation includes $39 billion in competitive grants to U.S. companies to manufacturers to finance construction, expansion and modernization of facilities and equipment. A state and local incentive package is needed to apply for CHIPS funding.

For its part, Kansas plans to award $304 million in taxpayer-funded incentives for the factory. For Integra to receive the state’s incentives, the company must invest at least $1.5 billion in the new factory in the next five years and consistently provide the equivalent of 1,600 full-time jobs for 10 consecutive years.