L-Shaped Workcell for Flexible Assembly

This L-shaped workcell was developed for a manufacturer of electronic components. The configuration supports one-piece flow. The workstation can be run with one person or two if more production is needed. 

Parts replenishment can be performed on the back side of the structure, preventing interruptions to assemblers. The workstation features a variation of Creform’s skate wheel conveyors. Above the work surface are two levels of supply lanes that allow flow of small- and medium-sized bins. The upper shelf has a slight angle to return empty boxes. The lower section of the workstation also has standard plastic-wheel conveyors for larger totes to flow underneath the surface. 

The work surface is made of durable HDPE plastic. At the top of the structure, a horizontal pipe provide a location for hanging tools and a work light. 

Measuring 39 inches wide, 59 inches long and 86 inches tall, the workstation can be used for complex assemblies with many parts or mixed-model production for simpler assemblies. Heavy-duty leveling feet adjust to the floor surface. It is built with static-dissipative, plastic-coated, 28-millimeter steel pipe clamped together with nickel-plated metal joints. Accessories include overhead light, computer screen, shelves, additional flow lanes, drawers, information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, and hooks to hang tools and supplies. 

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Creform Corp.


Height-Adjustable Workbench

Workbenches are available with three options for adjusting height: hand crank, electric motor, or pin in hole. Height can be adjusted over a 12-inch range, from 30 to 42 inches. 

Workbenches can be converted to complete workstations simply by adding upright frame and accessories. This modular approach provides the flexibility to meet changing job requirements efficiently and economically. Workbenches can be configured for light duty, heavy duty or specialized functions, such as testing or shipping. Specialized features, such as tilt tops and oversized work surfaces, can be combined with standard components, such as air manifolds or swing arms, in designs that will optimize worker comfort and productivity. 

Work surfaces can be laminate, maple or steel. Work surfaces come in a range of sizes, from 30 by 60 inches to 36 by 96 inches. The all-steel, fully welded construction requires little or no maintenance in even the toughest environments. Our long-lasting, powder-coat finishes are scratch-resistant and never flake. Workbenches are shipped fully assembled and skidded ready for use within minutes of delivery. 

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All Metal Designs


Heavy-Duty Workstation

The Workbench 1000 heavy-duty workstation can support a load of 1,000 pounds. Widths range from 48 to 72 inches. Depths can be 30 or 36 inches. Starting height can be 32.5 or 36.5 inches. Height is adjusted electrically. Workstations are available with 12 or 16 inches of height adjustability. The workstation is constructed of rigid, cold-rolled steel. It’s equipped with anti-vibration mounts and 6-inch retractable casters. The work surface can be maple or high-pressure laminate. Static-dissipative surfaces are optional. 

A range of accessories are available, including an LED light, fan kit, pegboard kit, whiteboard kit, tool trolley, tool balancer, roll holder, upper flow rack shelf, tool bin bracket, upper shelf, paper tray, parts bins, PC hanger, monitor mount, basic monitor arm, ergo arm, tray, single monitor, dual monitor, keyboard, tool bins, drawer kits, and power strip. 

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BUILT Systems

Lean Workstations

Lean workstations are designed to meet a particular production task and to eliminate waste and unnecessary steps. Workstations are configured to meet the customer’s requirements for motion, size and function. The customizable structure of each workstation is designed by C Tek personnel. 

Options include flow racks, custom cut-outs, monitor and keyboard adapters, work surfaces, overhead tool assists, lighting and electrical adapters, and shelving. Ergonomic structures are available with height adjustability and static-dissipative surfaces. 

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C Tek Lean Solutions