All-Electric Clamping System

Operating completely without compressed air, the 92W power clamps are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They reduce energy costs by up to 85 percent compared with pneumatic clamps. Integrated intelligence reduces the need for additional components, such as external sensors, and it provides essential data for process optimization. Operating data enables engineers to conveniently adjust the speed, positioning and torque to fine-tune production. Data can also be used to analyze process quality.

Control of the clamps is decentralized and attached directly to the production devices, which reduces cable lengths and cabling costs. This frees up space and ensures seamless integration of the clamps into production systems. Integrated tolerance compensation facilitates production of different components.

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  CFC…B Series cam followers

Cam Followers Allow Mounting Freedom in Tight Spaces

The CFC…B Series of short stud-type cam followers have a unique mounting structure that solves space limitations that often exist on the stud side of a cam-driven mechanism.

The cam follower’s mounting structure consists of a hexagon socket head bolt and a dedicated flange nut, creating a more compact design. It reduces the mounting space on the stud side by up to 34 percent—far more than conventional cam followers. By providing greater design freedom, this cam follower can enhance production efficiency for a range of applications, such as robots, electronic devices, manufacturing and automated equipment.

Outer diameters range from 19 to 32 millimeters; stud diameters are 8, 10 or 12 millimeters. With a sealed structure and crowned outer ring, the cam followers are available with a cage design or a full complement of rollers. Maximum speed for the cage design is 84,000 rpm; maximum speed for the full-complement design is 42,000 rpm. The cam followers are easy to mount using a hex wrench.

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IKO International

  ELGD linear axes

Linear Axes Provide Torsional Rigidity, Long Life

ELGD linear axes deliver exceptional load-bearing capacity and torsional rigidity, long service life, and increased reliability in multiple industrial handling situations, from dirty environments to clean rooms.

The devices are suitable for cantilever systems and pick-and-place systems for small parts handling, where short cycle times, high precision, and repeatability are key. They are also good for handling systems for top loading machines, due to their high travel speed and long stroke lengths. The axes provide dynamic, virtually vibration-free movement for various applications, such as additive manufacturing, dispensing, and pick-and-place systems.

Various carriage options are available, including a long carriage and an additional passive carriage. The long carriage integrates a second pair of split ball bearing cartridges, which provides greater permissible torques to the carriage for the most dynamic applications. The passive second carriage allows the loads on the guidance to be distributed further, essentially doubling the maximum permissible torque, load capacity, and service life for the mechanics in the application.

The axes feature a stainless-steel cover strip, which minimizes particle emissions in clean room applications and reduces ingress of particles in dirty environments. A pneumatic connection provides sealing air or a vacuum to the internal structure of the mechanics. Another innovation is the magnetic deflection of the cover strip, which eliminates mechanical wear and further reduces the likelihood of particle emissions.

Festo Corp.


Circular Pitch Metric Rack and Pinion Systems

Available in many materials and configurations, circular pitch rack and pinion systems are suitable for a range of applications where very accurate positioning in linear motion is required.

The systems are engineered to simplify the application design process, such that a specific number of revolutions of the gear will result in an exact distance of translation on the gear rack. For example, with a circular pitch of 5 millimeters and a 20-tooth pinion, one revolution would result in 100 millimeters of travel. 

Among the options are hardened ground alloy steel racks and spur gears for enhanced strength and precision, and thermal-refined components for abrasion resistance. Tapered racks and pinions allow backlash to be adjusted. Long length metal flexible racks can be cut continuously and are bendable to a contour. Stainless steel racks and gears are suitable for food machinery due to SUS304 material’s rust-resistant quality.

Most racks are supplied with finished ends. This type of production allows for multiple racks to be butted, end-to-end, to produce one continuous length of rack.

Many KHK products allow for secondary operations, such as a reduction in length, the adding of tapped holes, or the application of heat treatment.