The fifth generation of fixed-cycle, programmable rotary indexing tables from Weiss have been designed to provide more flexibility, resource efficiency, speed and connectivity. To simplify integration, these modular tables have been optimized to minimize interfering contours. Thanks to a larger central opening and optimized media in-feed, additional sensors, actuators or handling units can be implemented on the upright center part. With five configuration options for the motor and gear unit, and several installation locations, the tables can be used in a range of automated assembly applications. The tables can be combined with various control packages that are easy to operate.

To save space, Weiss optimized the size of the tables. At the same time, axial force has increased by a factor of two, which enables higher loading. To save energy, the tables are equipped with energy-efficient motors. Because the bearing and cam roller are harmonized to each other, the tables are up to 38 percent faster under the same load. Indexing time is almost infinitely adjustable.

To facilitate predictive and preventive maintenance, each table has an integrated smart-board user interface that provides information on its operating state. It alerts users to possible measures for keeping the table in good condition.

WEISS North America Inc.