Festo has launched MS-Basic, a family of attractively priced pneumatic service units in polymer housings that cover most application needs. MS-Basic air preparation components have the functionality to perform the most important technical tasks necessary for proper compressed air preparation. The line-up consist of pressure regulators, filter regulators, electric on-off and soft-start valves, and manual on-off valves with filter-regulator combinations.

MS-Basic components are fully compatible with Festo’s MS line of premium service units. Machine builders and engineers can combine inexpensive MS-Basic pressure regulators, filter regulators, on-off and soft-start valves with MS series safety valves, lubricators, distributors, filters and dryers to assemble the best mix of low-cost basic functions with high-end functionality.

The MS-Basic pressure regulators and filter regulators are powerful, yet lightweight. These units have a high flow rate of up to 6,000 liters per minute. The polymer materials reduce unit weight by up to 30 percent compared with metal housing units. For the filter regulator, Festo integrated the filter in the bowl. This makes changing the filters easy and saves installation space. The transparent bowl provides clear indication when dirt needs to be removed.

A manual or normally closed, fully automatic condensate drain provides process reliability and protection against contamination. The new electric on-off valve is also available as a soft-start, quick exhaust valve. Soft-start units safely and slowly build working pressure at an adjustable rate until it reaches 50 percent of set pressure before switching to full set pressure.

MS-Basic service units are featured in the new Festo Pneumatic Essentials program, a global undertaking to streamline ordering and ensure fast delivery of guaranteed in-stock pneumatic components nearly anywhere in the world. Festo Essentials, which fit most pneumatic applications, include service units, high-wear polyurethane tubing, one-way flow control valves, high-flow valves for normal and harsh environments, self-teaching proximity switches, mini slides, guided drives, repairable pneumatic cylinders conforming to NFPA interchange dimensions, and metric and imperial round and compact cylinders. Festo Essentials are also compact for today’s smaller footprint, energy-efficient machines.

Festo provides a free online configurator to quickly and easily configure the optimum air preparation system.

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