Chamber metering valves are one of the most accurate ways of dispensing lubricants. They work according to the volumetric dosing principle. Material is discharged shot by shot via a metering piston. This ensures a dispensing process that is insensitive to pressure fluctuations. The dosing volume (0.05 to 100 milliliters) can be easily and quickly adjusted via a setscrew. The same valve can thus be used for different quantities.

Dispensed volumes are accurate to within ±1 percent of the set amount. The valve’s seal provides up to 8 million dispensing cycles. With stroke detection, the dispensing process can be monitored simply and reliably. When filling and discharging the dosing chamber, the dosing piston is controlled by material pressure. A stroke sensor monitors this movement and thus indirectly detects material flow. Stroke detection is performed magnetically via commercially available C-slot sensors.

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