The bulkhead range from Icotek is being expanded to include a new product variant in two versions. With the new bulkhead, cables can be routed at 90 degrees over a very large bending radius.

The new KEL-FW B is suited for cables with plugs (maximum diameter of 35 millimeters). Rigid cables with larger diameters can also be easily inserted. Smaller cables that require a large minimum bending radius, as well as fiber optic cables, are also a typical application.

The installation is simple: The KEL-FW B is fixed using the two rear drill holes on the housing in advance and then fitted with the desired cable grommets. The cover is then folded down, locked and screwed to the housing through the two front drill holes. The cover of the new KEL-FW B bulkhead is firmly connected to the mounting housing by a hinge and is therefore unattachable. The system is easy and quick to assemble.

With its integrated seal, the bulkhead achieves protection class IP65, has a high stability and is vibration-proof. The strain relief is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 62444. Thanks to the use of polyamide as a material and a fire class of UL94-V0, the KEL-FW B is self-extinguishing. It is also silicone- and halogen-free.