According to ASSEMBLY’s annual Capital Equipment Spending Survey, adhesive bonding is performed at 35 percent of U.S. assembly plants. Here’s a look at some of the latest products.


UV-Cure Epoxy for Active Alignment

EpoxySet's Flashbond UV-3720 adhesive

Flashbond UV-3720 is a UV-cure adhesive for active-alignment assembly applications. Originally formulated for camera modules, this epoxy is an excellent choice for optical devices, sensors and electronic modules where ensuring the alignment of the assembled parts is critical.

UV-3720 is a dual-cure epoxy that can be cured with UV energy or heat. It cures in seconds under UV light, but it will cure to the same high properties when heated to 125 C and no UV energy. This makes the epoxy ideal for bonding shadowed areas and complicated configurations, eliminating the need for more than one adhesive.

UV-3720 offers a cure shrinkage of 0.015 percent. This rigid polymer has a glass transition temperature of 155 C, and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 30 parts per million per degree centigrade. It is perfect for holding alignments through a temperature range of -55 to 200 C. This halogen-free epoxy withstands 85/85 testing for 1,000 hours with an exceptionally low water absorption rate. It produces excellent bond strength to polyphenylene sulfide, polyimides, polyester film, liquid crystal polymers and all elements in printed circuit boards.

The epoxy is available in 10- and 30-cc syringes, as well as 8-ounce and 1-liter bottles.

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EpoxySet Inc.


Device Calibrates Curing Systems

OmniCure LS200 radiometer

The OmniCure LS200 is a radiometer for measuring and calibrating the output of UV LED spot curing systems to ensure compliance with process requirements. The LS200’s sensor calibration is NRC traceable to provide assurance of accuracy. When combined with the OmniCure beam positioning kit and the LX500 controller, the radiometer provides ultimate control and repeatability of UV radiation output.

Engineers can choose between two LS200 models to perform either irradiance measurements (50 milliwatts per square centimeter to 40 watts per square centimeter) or optical power measurements (1 to 2,000 milliwatts), based on application needs.

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Excelitas Technologies Corp.


Instant Adhesives for Medical Device Applications

instant adhesives for medical device applications

Henkel has introduced two new medical grade, cyanoacrylate-based instant adhesives that offer improved safety and performance. The new products are formulated without CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductively hazardous) ingredients and are designed to offer increased strength during and after heat cycling. The new adhesives, Loctite 4011S and Loctite 4061S, meet the same specifications of Loctite 4011 and 4061 for easier validation in existing medical applications.

Both new products have been tested to ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards. The adhesives develop handling strength in seconds on most substrates and provide high bond strength on a range of materials, including plastics, rubbers, and metals. After 1,000 hours of exposure to 120 C, these adhesives offer approximately 100 percent greater shear strength on steel than other instant adhesives.

The adhesives are good for bonding various types of catheters, as well as tube sets, surgical robots, and other medical housings.

Henkel Corp.


Conductive Inks for Medical Device Applications

conductive inks for medical device applications

Creative Materials has introduced three new conductive inks for medical device applications. Conductive silver ink (112-15A), medical electrode silver/silver chloride conductive ink (113-09) and UV dielectric ink (127-24FB) are compliant with the industry standard for non-GLP primary direct to skin irritation testing. The inks are formulated for application by screen printing, drop casting or syringe dispensing.

112-15A is a nonhazardous, single-component conductive ink that has a long open screen-life. It exhibits good abrasion resistance and superior crease resistance on PET films after drying at temperatures as low as 50 C. It has superior flexibility and mechanical performance compared to other conventional screen-printable conductive inks.

113-09 is a single-component silver/silver chloride conductive ink. The ratio of silver to silver chloride is 82-to-18. This product features extended open screen-life and can be used in a variety of medical electrodes.

127-24FB is a matte blue, UV-curable dielectric ink with superior flexibility and excellent chemical resistance to acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, isopropyl acrylate and polytetrahydrofuran.

The inks are suitable for printing cross-over designs, and they can be used in products requiring direct cutaneous contact. Modified versions of each product are available for alternative application methods, including flexography, rotogravure, automated and manual spray, stenciling, aerosol jet and jet dispense.

Creative Materials Inc.


Tapes for Automotive Assembly Applications

tapes for automotive assembly

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes has introduced four new tape constructions to its Core Series portfolio, which now consists of 31 products in 11 adhesive categories.

FT 8299 is a double-coated tissue with a high-performance, low-VOC acrylic adhesive that is ideal for bonding to polyester urethane, polyether urethane and skinned foams. The product meets most automotive OEM requirements. Typical applications include automotive interiors (door pillar cloth, carpet fixation, insulation, arm rests), foam bonding, and interior noise, vibration and harshness.

FBD 8393 is a foam-bonding differential tape construction for bonding a variety of foams and fabrics to low-surface-energy materials. The laminating side features a foam-bonding acrylic adhesive, while the mounting side is coated with a high-shear rubber adhesive. The laminating and mounting side adhesives each contain biocide to inhibit mold growth. The tape is available with a super-calendared white Kraft release liner or a 12-point board.

FL 0833 is a 3-mil aluminum foil featuring 2 mils of Cold Tough acrylic adhesive specially formulated with antimicrobial additives to inhibit bacteria and mold growth. The tape offers the ability to be applied in temperatures as low as 0 F. While it is formulated for cold temperatures, it can be used at virtually any temperature and will withstand temperatures as low as -35 F or as high as 325 F. While designed to be permanent, FL 0833 is highly conformable with adhesive suitable for masking applications. This provides long-term durability and short-term removability, while offering chemical resistance for harsh applications. It removes cleanly on metal or most plastic surfaces.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes


Extra Large Syringe Barrel for Long Production Runs

TS60C-LL-N syringe barrel for adhesive dispensing

Techcon has introduced a new extra-large (177 cc) syringe barrel, TS60C-LL-N, one of the largest syringe barrels on the fluid dispensing market. The larger barrel means operations can have longer production runs and reduce downtime with fewer fluid changeovers.

TS60C-LL-N is made of clear polypropylene and is free of silicone and chloride. The barrel has a consistent internal diameter to ensure a proper seal with the piston for optimal dispensing results. The ultra-low draft construction of the inner diameter results in high dispensing accuracy and stability. TS60C-LL-N can connect directly to air adapters.

The barrel is ideal for electronic applications, such as bonding, underfilling, potting and conformal coating. It is compatible with most materials, including adhesives, epoxies, sealants and solder pastes.