According to ASSEMBLY magazine’s annual Capital Equipment Spending Survey, half of all U.S. assembly plants will purchase electric or pneumatic fastening tools in 2020.

If fastening tools are on your shopping list, then The ASSEMBLY Show is the place to be! Here, you’ll find dozens of suppliers offering cordless nutrunners, pneumatic screwdrivers, screwfeeders, digital torque wrenches and other fastening tools. Here’s just a taste of what’s on the floor.


Automatic Screwdriving System

The DTI 5000 automatic inline screwdriver system is available in several different configurations, including standard, rigid, retracting barrel and counterbore tip designs. These machines are custom-designed for vertical applications with the nosepiece jaws fitting the customer’s part. Inline screwdriver assemblies can be designed for a wide range of applications and fastener types, including screws, bolts, nuts, pins or nails. The standard screw feeder system cycles quickly, delivering screws in less than one second in many applications. The rigid units maintain contact between the bit and the fastener to locate the screw in predrilled or misaligned holes. The retracting barrel feature is offered in both rigid and non-rigid designs. This system retracts the barrel fully when the driver starts, so that the driver components do not contact the work surface when the screw is driven. The counterbore tip design is ideal for screws located in counterbored or recessed holes. The system is offered with an auto shut-off clutch to maintain the correct fastener torque while reducing operator fatigue due to torque reaction. These systems are also available in a drive-to-depth configuration, where the fastener is driven to a specific depth rather than a set torque value. Booth 1411

Design Tool Inc.


Transducerized Pulse Tool

The cordless UBX-AF pulse tool from Uryu Seisaku Ltd. features precise torque control and angle monitoring, and seamlessly integrates with the AcraDyne Gen IV control platform to ensure high quality and productivity in any fastening process. The tool contains few internal parts, including no springs, to simplify maintenance and lower operating costs. This design also reduces the operating temperature of the hydraulic pulse oil, thereby helping assemblers produce at the highest rate and lengthening service intervals by as much as 400 percent. Another key feature is Auto Relief technology, which eliminates the initial torque spike during a cycle and delivers more pulses in less time for more efficient and even torque. These short, even pulses allow the tool to be used with almost no torque reaction felt by an operator. Reduced oil pressure within the unit also lowers stress against sealing points, minimizing possible oil leakage. Booth 1205



IOT-Capable Vibratory Feeder

Besides consuming little energy while providing accurate fastener feeding, the EACY FEED vibratory spiral feeder is Industry 4.0-capable. The feeder comes in manual and stationary use models and is energy efficient because its drive uses 24-volt oscillating magnets. This low voltage enables trouble-free operation and eliminates the need for country-specific, electric-outlet alterations. It also results in 80 percent power savings compared to traditional feeders. The spiral feeder handles screws, nuts, threaded pins, O-rings, parts for clean rooms and other items. Equally important, the feeder communicates with a processing unit using a specially developed software module. Managers can access the processing unit from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Booth 631



Cordless Tools With Two-Way Communication

The High Torque 2-Way series of cordless tools can communicate back and forth with a qualifier. The tools can share real-time fastening data with the qualifier, while modifiable settings for torque stage, flush detection point, cross-thread detection, and rehit detection can be sent to the tool. The qualifiers feature parameter, group and job modes. The tools feature variable speed control, automatic battery shutdown, and blinking lights to indicate good and not-good run-downs. The tools can apply 70 to 650 newton-meters with no torque reaction. The tools are compatible with 18- and 21.6-volt long-life lithium-ion batteries. Booth 219

Panasonic Assembly Tools


Mobile Unit Calibrates Tools, Tests Joints

The cerTEST mobile testing system is powered by a rechargeable battery so it can be used directly on the assembly line. The system quickly and precisely checks tools generating up to 500 newton-meters of torque. The work surface can accommodate up to four electrohydraulic joint simulators and a number of external joint simulators up to 6,000 newton-meters. Built-in sensor technology reduces measurement uncertainty to less than 1 percent. Booth 521

Kistler Instrument Corp.


Expanded Cordless Torque Tool Range

DuPas has added the DWL and NPRT series to its line of cordless tools. The DWL series builds on the current line of cordless torque control tools by integrating error-proofing features. Tools in the DWL series can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or I/O interfaces. The NPRT series has the same error-proofing technology, as well as data collection and traceability of torque and angle measurements. The NPT series of pistol-grip tools is available with 3, 8, 12 or 18 newton-meters of torque. The NRT series of right-angle tools is available with 10, 16, 30, 50 or 70 newton-meters of torque. Booth 1813



Wireless Wrench With Error Detection

The Model CSPFHW wireless torque wrench can detect double-tightening operations. It features limit switches that send a signal to the PLC to verify that the torque setting has been achieved. The wireless model alerts the user if he tries to tighten the same fastener more than once. These hand tools minimize missed and incorrect hand tightening in the assembly process. Booth 1741

Tohnichi America


Digital Torque Tool

Technicians can use the company’s latest BT series digital torque tool to precisely measure torque values and maintain precise tightening consistency through every facet of wiring system final assembly. Designed for applications requiring 12 to 240 in-lbs of torque, the rugged tool features a 0.25-inch drive. It is versatile and easily used as a benchtop or wiring board mountable torque station. The tool also works seamlessly with the company’s BETA connector static mount base accessory. This base can be configured to horizontally or vertically tilt the tool 90 degrees during use. It even allows the operator to switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise tool functions while attached to the base. Booth 1717

Daniels Manufacturing Corp.


Torque Data Collectors

Three models have been added to the TorqueStar series of torque data collectors, which are used in hundreds of assembly-tool-auditing and fastener-tightening-validation applications worldwide. Common industries include automotive, aerospace, construction, marine and rail. The Lite unit performs simple torque measurements in track, peak, click and pulse modes. It is recommended for users who want a plug-and-play data collector with high-precision results. The Plus model incorporates a full-color, backlit screen, along with force and audit modes, and the display of real-time measurement data. The Pro machine has all the features of the Plus model but with additional capabilities including retighten and yield, advanced statistics and torque trace graphs. Booth 1705

Crane Electronics Ltd.


Cordless Screwdriver With Brushless Motor

The SKC-PTA-BS cordless screwdriver has a torque range of 0.3 to 4.5 newton-meters. Torque accuracy is ±3 percent. Equipped with a clean and durable brushless motor, this lever-start screwdriver offers two speed selections. LEDs and audible indicators alert assemblers of proper clutch activation at shut-off. To conserve battery power, the screwdriver enters sleep mode when idle for more than 3 seconds. The charging station recharges the tool in approximately 45 minutes. Booth 1502

Kilews West USA


Transducerized Electric Screwdriver

KDS transducerized electric tools provide accurate torque- and angle-controlled tightening. Available in straight, pistol and fixtured configurations, these ergonomic screwdrivers feature temperature protection, a soft-touch design and LED status indicators. The tools offer full traceability and error-proofing capabilities. The controller provides full control of the fastening operation. It includes a touch-screen color display, graph output, serial and USB ports, and full communication capability using any network system of your choice. Units can be programmed through the touch screen or a PC. Booth 1846

Kolver USA


Cordless Pulse Tool

Model RZ4012 is a 40-volt cordless pulse tool with electronic torque control. The oil pulse unit is connected directly to a brushless electric motor for no reaction force, low noise and low vibration. Torque can be set from 20 to 60 newton-meters. An innovative cooling system keeps the motor and oil cool for extended run time. The tool is powered by lithium-ion batteries. An LED and buzzer indicate when the specified torque has been reached. Booth 2309

Mobiletron Electronics Co. Ltd. and Durofix Inc.


Device Feeds Blind Rivets

The ARF-800P is a compact feeder that can accommodate various brands and sizes of break-stem rivet. It weighs 24 pounds, which makes it portable and simple to incorporate into a production line. The feeder allows for hands-free riveting with no need for the user to remove gloves. Using interchangeable parts, the device can feed multiple sizes and brands of rivets into the nose of the tool. Booth 1616

Yamazen Inc.


Hydraulic Tapping Arm

The GH-45 hydraulic arm quickly, consistently and efficiently taps holes up to 1.5 inches in diameter in mild steel, making it an effective alternative to tapping holes manually or via CNC. This durable tool has a clutch that disengages when the tap bottoms out to prolong tap life and eliminate tap breakage. The arm has a reach of 20 to 78 inches, and operates at 110 to 50 rpm to deliver torque up to 325 ft-lb. Full 360-degree movement allows operators to easily position taps with guaranteed perpendicularity. The arm has a 480-volt power source and comes with five quick-change tap holders and semi-tap lubrication. It requires no reaming or preparation, allows for fast setup times and reduces tap breakage to just one per 3,000 holes. Digital depth control is optional, as is a multi-position head that allows operators to change from vertical to horizontal tapping. Booth 451

FlexArm Inc.


Cordless Tools Are Smart, Durable

CellCore cordless assembly tools have been drop-tested up to 5 feet, and they can run 500,000 cycles between maintenance. A large user interface allows on-the-tool programming without a controller. A colored light provides visual feedback that a run-down is OK or not OK. A “stay alive” function prevents reboot during battery change. These transducerized tools are designed specifically for quality-critical applications. Engineers can program up to 10 rundown strategies, called FastApps, directly on the tool in standalone mode, or they can pair the tool with the company’s mPro controller to capture data in real time. Booth 2131

Cleco Production Tools