Eblana purchased a laser diode attach automated assembly cell from Palomar Technologies Inc.

Eblana Photonics (Dublin, Ireland) manufactures laser diodes for the telecommunications market. These components are the engines in high bandwidth fiber optic communication systems for the high-volume business and consumer markets.

Eblana required a high-yielding, cost-effective assembly process for its products that complemented its fabrication technologies. This required bringing the laser diode attachment operation in-house instead of outsourcing it to maintain the control and quality.

Eblana purchased a laser diode attach (LDA) automated assembly cell from Palomar Technologies Inc. (Vista, CA)

The LDA automatically assembles indium phosphide laser diode components into an optoelectronic package with 5-micron accuracy. The laser diode assemblies are placed onto carriers. The LDA then attaches them inside an optoelectronic package. To generate stable light emission, it’s critical to achieve a void-free eutectic solder interface between the components and the package.

Eblana produces laser diodes using a “photonic bandgap” approach. Typically, laser diodes are manufactured in a series of stages, including repeated growth and etching phases (commonly called regrowth). Eblana’s approach removes the complex regrowth steps from the process. This results in a simpler, more reproducible manufacturing process. And because regrowth processes are not required, Eblana can be more selective when choosing contract manufacturers and foundries for outsourcing wafer growth and device fabrication.

“Eblana conducted a worldwide search for a company with a clear competitive advantage in automation for volume microelectronics manufacturing,” says James O’Gorman, CEO at Eblana. “Our focus is in the manufacture of high-performance laser diode components for cost-sensitive, high-volume applications. Our selection criteria were to acquire an automated back end assembly capability with a clear technological edge. Our confidence in our manufacturing equipment partner Palomar has not been misplaced. We have been delighted with their technology approval, values and execution. We value the contribution they have made to our company.”

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