Rayovac Corp. (Madison, WI) carefully selects the materials that make up its industrial flashlights, because industrial and construction workers purchase flashlights based on their ability to withstand harsh conditions. Industrial flashlight components must be impact-, heat- and chemical- resistant, as well as easy to handle.

When the company designed its newest flashlight, an ergonomic style was added to the list of requirements. The company's industrial flashlight now fits the hand comfortably and comes in two styles.

After testing several materials for the industrial flashlight lens, the company chose Eastman Chemical Co.'s (Kingsport, TN) Eastalloy polymer DA003. Jim Neyer, program manager for lights, says, "We must test the resins we select very carefully. There are four criteria we measure our materials against: resistance to heat, chemicals, scratching and impact. In addition, the resin for lenses must be clear."

The Eastalloy polymer blend is a clear alloy made from copolyester and polycarbonate. It combines the impact toughness of polycarbonate with the chemical resistance of polyester to get a clear resin that performs well in demanding environments. In addition to impact strength, and chemical and heat resistance, the Eastalloy polymer offers dimensional stability and low shrinkage rates.

Amtec Molded Products (Rockford, IL), a custom injection and insert molder of products, molds the flashlight lens.

For more information on polymers, call Eastman Chemical Co. at 423-229-4853, visit www.eastman.com.