Weiss has been in the assembly automation/material handling business for over 45 years and is the leader in various component technologies for machine automation. WEISS supplies the world with rotary indexing tables, pallet transfer systems, high speed handling devices, direct drive and servo drive rotaries, as well as machine bases and tool plates.

WEISS is best known for being the world leader in rotary indexing tables/rings and this expertise has led them to develop the LS280 Linear System. Utilizing WEISS’ knowledge of fast and reliable rotary cam indexers gave rise to the concept of the LS280.By applying the tried and true speed and reliability of a cam index table to a linear transfer platform has produced a one of a kind system.

When manufacturers need fast and accurate transfer of their products for manufacturing they normally think of a rotary indexer, a belt style conveyor or a link style conveyor. Weiss has taken the best of these products and combined them with unique features to produce a very fast, accurate, and flexible base machine. When you are designing your manufacturing system and need multiple indexers or the speed of a link system, look no further than the Weiss LS System.

WEISS has taken the rotary cam technology and integrated it into a LS System to allow them to achieve transfer times of under 0.5 seconds and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm. (fixture to fixture). Linking of multiple work cells in a system allows the LS to offer multiple pallet transfer times, thus offering the end user varied process times on a single system. This feature allows you to do the high speed assembly processes as well as the processes that take the extra time, such as leak test, welding, product test, etc., on the same system and the same pallet. You are no longer limited to a single process time as with a precision link system or the slow pallet transfer/locating times of a belt type system. This allows for a much more efficient and overall faster system.WEISS also offers equipment mounting plates that allow you to mount all of your support tools closer to the pallets allowing for an increase in throughput.

WEISS’ LS System is very modular in nature and lends itself to easy expansion should you need to add capacity or more processes to any manufacturing system.This modular feature also leads to the high re-usability of the LS work cells should your product or needs change in the future.The system also includes a test certificate that’s optimized to the customer’s specific operation.This insures that the LS280 meets all throughput specifications of your machine. Weiss’ maintenance free, cleanroom capable and highly reliable LS system offers you a new option for high efficiency transfer systems.

Please visit the LS link on our website for additional information and videos: http://www.weissna.com/Linear-system.496.0.html