The DEPRAG manual work station combines manual operations with processing reliability that is on par with automated production. With these manual work stations, process reliability is guaranteed regardless of changes in personnel. Using a wide range of sophisticated standard modules, DEPRAG has an economic and ergonomic solution for any manual assembly task.

DEPRAGs newest manual work station innovation is the Position Control Stand (PKS). The PKS has a position recognition feature that increases the process reliability in applications where multiple screw positions need to be assembled in a certain order on one product. Equipped with guidance hardware and software, the PKS will only allow activation of the correct function once it is situated in the correct position. The position control is able to guide inputs and outputs depending on the application. This includes functions such as clamping and locking workpieces, feeding connection elements and activating measurement functions. If there are a large number of screw positions the position control stand can be used to determine and monitor the relevant operating mode required and the order of positions. The screw can only be tightened if the worker has kept the order in the correct sequence. The electronics integrated in the base stand do away with the need for an additional external controller. Easy to read LED lights signal if the status of the screw assembly is correct or incorrect. When an assembly is incorrect, work is stopped until the error is corrected by the operator.

A monitor gives the operator exact instructions and shows in color which positions on the product have already been assembled. If the screwdriver mounted on the stand is at the pre-set X-Y coordinate, then this is marked on screen in color and with a text display “OK” or “NOT OK”. The LEDs on the base stand also inform the operator of the current status of the screw assembly.

A web interface is used for adjusting processing sequences where the operator can adjust all settings and also for the input of controller configurations. An additional module “processing display web interface” can display the current status in quasi real time on the HDMI monitor. This enables assembly processes to be monitored on a remote PC, smartphone or tablet.

The PKS can be used with DEPRAG’s trusted MICROMAT®-F/MINIMAT®-F screwdrivers as well as their EC or EC-servo series screwdrivers. This enables free programming of the screw tightening process – torque, angle, speed, stand-by timing and rotational direction. The integrated torque and angle recording enables the exact control of the screw tightening-process and documents important processing parameters.

The result is a position control stand with the best possible processing reliability.  The complete production sequence can be coordinated, optimized and controlled. When assembling a multitude of screws on one component, the correct order of screw assembly process is guaranteed.

When developing the “intelligent manual work station”, DEPRAG uses its standard components, each successfully tried and tested in worldwide production. This allows the customized design of any assembly system at an optimal price-performance ratio. With 600 employees in over 50 countries DEPRAG is a well-respected partner known for the development of innovative automation designs, as well as a full service provider in the areas of screwdriving,, feeding, control and measurement technologies. DEPRAG combines its products to create complex semi-, or fully automated assembly systems.


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