To increase productivity, manufacturers are continually looking for new ways to automate their assembly processes. To address the need for assembly presses that are ideally suited for automated pressing, SCHMIDT Technology recently introduced its servo-controlled ElectricPress Series. Bridging the technology gap between a standard air press and a servo press system, these versatile presses are ideal for applications requiring precise and programmable ram positioning and force control. Because of their innovative rack and pinion drive system, SCHMIDT® ElectricPresses are more cost effective than ball-screw-driven servo presses while providing the same level of control. And when an ElectricPress is equipped with the SCHMIDT PressControl 600, this press control system can be easily programmed to control the automation tasks of transferring and positioning components.

Energy-Efficient ElectricPresses Deliver Powerful Air-Free Pressing

Integrating an air press into a pressing cell or assembly line can be a challenge. Mechanical devices are often required to compensate for incoming air pressure variations and compressibility. In the medical and defense industries, air-operated presses are often prohibited if the assembly process must take place in a cleanroom. Because air presses constantly consume air, they are more costly to operate than electrical-driven presses over the long term. For manufacturers who wish to avoid using an air press, electric-driven presses are an excellent alternative. In fact, all you have to do is plug them into the nearest electrical outlet, and they’re ready to run.

ElectricPress 43A and 343A Automation Models Let You Supply the Controls and Safety System

SCHMIDT Technology offers two ElectricPress Automation Models designed specifically for integration into automated pressing cells and assembly lines. Both models allow the customer or integrator to supply its own control and safety systems.

The basic ElectricPress 43A needs only a standard PLC with discrete I/O and SCHMIDT® EP Assistant Software to control the press. Up to 14 customer-defined drive sets can be loaded and stored inside the motor. Utilizing true closed loop positioning feedback, the press precisely controls the ram stroke. Equally important, this press is easy to integrate, and does not require proprietary or custom software to interface with other automation components.

Equipped with an integrated load cell, the more advanced ElectricPress 343A works in tandem with the SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 to manage all ram motion via true closed loop position and force control and includes full process monitoring capabilities. The PressControl 600 interfaces with the customer’s system through discrete I/O, ProfiBus and EtherNet/IP.

ElectricPress 343 Drives Turnkey Automated Pressing Cells

For a fully operational automated pressing cell, SCHMIDT Technology will build the system around its ElectricPress 343 and the PressControl 600. During each press cycle, performance results are automatically captured and compared against user-established parameters. If a result falls outside the parameters, the operator is instantly alerted so that corrective action can be taken immediately to eliminate the wasteful buildup of costly rejected parts. Performance results and the specific monitoring criteria set up to control the pressing process can be stored in SCHMIDT® DataBase software. The PressControl 600 can also be used to control secondary automation accessories such as indexers and slide tables.

ElectricPress Safety Packages Protect the Workforce

For operator safety, ElectricPresses can be ordered with a safety package that includes the SCHMIDT® SafetyModule. This module makes the press control system completely redundant electronically, thus ensuring the press meets the highest global safety standards. Pressing cells can be equipped with either a two-hand cycle start or light-curtain guarding packages.

Offering the most complete line of precision assembly presses in the industry including eight servo press systems, SCHMIDT Technology has the pressing solutions for even the most complex requirements. If an ElectricPress is not right for your application, our engineers will work with you to find the perfect press that meets your specific needs. Contact us today for additional information.