CHICAGO—Advanced manufacturer Fast Radius has been working with Curtiss Motorcycles to produce parts for its Zeus 8 electric motorcycle. The sleek chromoly vehicle formed of aluminium and carbon fiber frame and distinctively visible V8-style battery cylinders, features more than 60 parts produced at Fast Radius with a number of additive manufacturing (AM) and traditional technologies in just 12 days.
Fast Radius identified 5-axis CNC milling as the best solution for some of the bike’s larger parts while smaller components were produced using a hybrid of additive and legacy methods. The two companies are also said to be looking at further potential for AM in future iterations of parts such as the handle grips and seat.
Fast Radius and Curtiss are already in production on the first 100 models of the Zeus 8 bike, which was recently unveiled in California and is set to be made available to the public next year. The collaboration is also expected to expand to future iterations of the bike, along with Curtiss’ upcoming models including Hades, Psyche, and Eros.
“Our partnership with Curtiss is ideal because it allows them to do what they do best—designing stunning motorcycles—while we do what we do best—matching the project with the right technology and getting quality parts made quickly,” says Brian Simms, vice president of sales at Fast Radius. “We’re looking forward to innovating with Curtiss as they grow their brand.”