CHARLOTTE, NC—Arrival Automotive, a UK-based start-up company the produces commercial vehicles, plans to build  a “microfactory” here. Production is expected to begin by the end of next summer. The $41 million facility will be capable of assembling 10,000 vehicles per year. Many of the e-trucks will be used by UPS.
Arrival claims that it is pioneering a “new method of design and production.” Its vertically integrated approach uses in-house developed hardware and software, in addition to a series of microfactories.
“The microfactories are low capital expenditure, have a smaller footprint than conventional factories, have the ability to create significant unit economics, and can be placed all over the world to serve local communities, bolstering local communities and economies,” says Michael Ableson, CEO of Arrival Automotive.
“Our newest microfactory will be producing two different classes of vans for our U.S. customers, expanding the zero-emissions options for fleet operators and accelerating the mass adoption of electric vehicles,” adds Ableson.
Last fall, Arrival announced it would be opening a microfactory in Rock Hill, SC, to assemble  electric buses.