GEORGETOWN, TX— CelLink Corp. plans to build a new factory here to produce next-generation interconnection systems for electric vehicles. The Silicon Valley-based company specializes in “intelligent wiring systems” that minimize complexity and weight.

The new 300,000-square-foot facility will be located about 25 miles north of Austin, where Tesla Inc. is currently putting the finishing touches on a massive gigafactory that will produce EV pickup trucks and other vehicles.

CelLink claims that its flat harnesses provide much greater control over power and data transmission than traditional round wire, at one-quarter the weight and one-tenth the volume. The devices can be directly soldered to controller PCBs to create a zone-based wiring architecture without increasing the terminal and connector content within vehicles.

CelLink circuits also eliminate the need for ancillary materials like clips and tape. Adhesive backings enable them to be attached to vehicle frames quickly, without the need of mechanical fasteners and snaps.

According to the company, flex harnessing is particularly advantageous in parts of a vehicle where space is at a premium, such as front and rear fascias, headliners, instrument panels and seats.

Investors and partners in CelLink include automakers such as BMW and Ford, and suppliers such as BorgWarner, Bosch and Lear.