AUSTIN, TX—Tesla officially opened a new Gigafactory here, a crucial step in the company’s delayed plans to begin assembling its electric Cybertruck.

“We are really entering a new phase of Tesla’s future,” says Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “I can’t wait to see this baby in production, it’s going to be epic.”

It is the company’s fourth factory in the U.S., following a vehicle assembly plant in Fremont, CA; a battery factory in Sparks, NV; and a solar panel factory in Buffalo, NY. Tesla also operates a vehicle factory outside Shanghai, China, and recently opened its first European factory near Berlin, Germany. Tesla spent an estimated $5 million to purchase the land for the Austin facility, plus another $1.1 billion to build the plant.

Tesla expects to make 1.5 million vehicles in 2022, after producing slightly less than 1 million vehicles last year.

The company will hire up to 5,000 workers for the plant at an average salary of $47,147. Entry-level positions will start at $35,000.