Source: Panasonic To Boost Battery Production At Tesla Gigafactory In Nevada by Mark Kane

SPARKS, NV—Panasonic is expected to noticeably increase lithium-ion battery cell production for Tesla at the Gigafactory 1 site in Nevada, which is jointly operated with Tesla.

The plan for Panasonic Energy (an affiliate of Panasonic Holdings) is to add at the plant a 15th production line for 2170-type cylindrical battery cells, which Tesla uses in Model 3 and Model Y cars, as well as some other products.

That would increase the output by roughly 10 percent from the current level of 38-39 gigawatt-hours (GWh) annually. It means probably an additional 3-4 GWh, for 50,000+ additional electric cars. However, this work will take some time - one to two years, according to the report.

We don't know any official details, but Nikkei Asia's sources indicate that the part of the site operated by Panasonic is "already crammed," but they should be able to add one more production line (without expanding the building, as we understand).