For a product to be assembled successfully, it’s essential to move the right parts, to the right place, in the right orientation, at the right time. Motion control technology makes that happen. Here’s a sampling of the latest technology.


Power Supplies Are Compatible With EtherCAT

PS2000 high-performance power supplies are compatible with the EtherCAT communication standard. This allows the control system to directly process measurement data and internal device diagnostics information and establish remote access to power supplies. It also provides advanced monitoring features for the DC output (for system monitoring) or the AC input (for source monitoring). Single-phase, 24-volt DC power supplies are available in 10- and 20-amp variants with an output power of 240 and 480 watts, respectively. A 10-amp variant with 480 watts of power is available for the 48-volt DC power supply. In addition to in-rush current limitation and active harmonic correction, power supplies offer a wide-range of input voltages for worldwide use.

Beckhoff Automation LLC



Compact Hydraulic Linear Actuator

CytroMotion compact, self-contained linear actuators offer efficient power on-demand and a maintenance-free, hermetically sealed design to save CO2 and minimize operating costs. The actuators combine hydraulics’ power density and robustness in a compact, energy-efficient, low-maintenance system. The actuators offer up to 6.2 kilowatts of power. The electric control system is similar to an electromechanical axis and can be controlled by a conventional frequency converter. The actuator is suitable for a range of applications, including power plant systems, metalworking, and pressing and joining applications. The encapsulated hydraulic system is also suitable for testing, quality assurance, and the process and food industries.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.



Modular Power Clamps Are Durable

The 82L-3E Series power clamp has a lightweight, enclosed aluminum housing and optimized mechanics that are more precise and longer-lasting than previous designs. The clamps are available in three versions with a holding torque range of 75 to 380 newton-meters and clamping torques of 25 to 120 newton-meters. The clamp’s modular structure simplifies the procurement of spare parts. The same arms are used with multiple models of Destaco clamps.




Control Valves

The ASCO Series 209 proportional flow control valves allow engineers to precisely regulate the flow of fluid in a wide range of devices, including medical devices, food and beverage processing machinery, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. The valves have low hysteresis (less than 5 percent), excellent repeatability (less than 1 percent), and high sensitivity (less than 0.2 percent). Their low power consumption and fast response time (less than 15 milliseconds) can extend battery life in portable devices and optimize system performance and efficiency.




Low-Profile Actuator for Robots

The LPL Series 125 low-profile electric linear actuators are designed for use with robot end-effectors. The actuators are equipped with moving-coil linear servomotors for precise control in applications such as parts finishing, pick and place, and assembly. The actuators offer programmable control of speed, positioning (at the micron level), and force (from 0.1 to 250 newtons). As the actuators complete their tasks, they provide real-time feedback for tracking, performance and quality control.




Gripper Handles Sheet Metal

The Multigripper is fitted to the TRUMPF BendMaster robotic arm. Using up to 12 grippers, the BendMaster can remove a metal sheet from a stack, move it reliably and efficiently within a bending cell, and place it on the stack of finished parts. The gripper comes in two sizes: a small size for workpieces up to 13 pounds and a medium size for workpieces up to 114 pounds. The gripper can be adjusted to handle a new workpiece in minutes. Job shops, in particular, will profit from the device since they typically must undertake frequent gripper modifications to bend new workpieces.