APEX, NC—ATI Industrial Automation, a provider of robotic tooling and sensing technology, has announced that its multiaxis force and torque (F/T) sensors are now compatible with FANUC’s robots and force control software. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for advanced automation and precision control in robotic applications.

The integration of ATI’s F/T sensors with FANUC robots and software brings enhanced sensing capabilities to robotic systems, enabling engineers to achieve greater levels of accuracy, flexibility and responsiveness. With this compatibility, manufacturers and automation professionals can now benefit from seamless integration between these technologies.

F/T sensors provide accurate measurements of forces and torques in multiple axes, giving robots a sense of touch and enabling them to perform delicate tasks with dexterity. These sensors are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring reliable operation in a wide range of applications. Whether in research, medical applications, industrial operations or even extraterrestrial missions, ATI’s force sensing technology is revolutionizing how robots interact with the world.

FANUC’s force control software allows for precise control of robotic motion based on real-time force feedback, facilitating tasks such as assembly, deburring, polishing and material removal with unparalleled accuracy.

Target industry segments include metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, electronics assembly, semiconductor, and general industry.

For more information, visit www.ati-ia.com/FANUCFT.

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