The LB6 Series stack light can display 21 colors, with 20 multicolor signaling segments, 10 lighting patterns and eight buzzer patterns. The stack light is IP65-rated and IO-Link compatible.

The device has three operating modes. Simple mode is for easy visualization of equipment status. Engineers can divide lighting segments into one to five tiers and set each tier’s colors and flashing patterns. More detailed information can be visualized by lighting all tiers in the same color or changing the flashing speed.

Level meter mode is for visualizing tank level and temperature. Animation mode is for visualizing takt time. The light shows elapsed time by changing preset colors from bottom to top or from top to bottom.

IO-Link compatibility enables quick and hassle-free installation. It integrates seamlessly into existing setups without requiring complex wiring. Its rugged construction and efficient LED technology also contribute to long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance needs.

Patlite (USA) Corp.