The MED75y instrument is designed for high-speed leak testing of medical devices ranging in volume from several cubic centimeters to several liters. Mass-flow test technology is ideal for cost-effective, high-speed testing. The mass-flow transducer is connected to both the reservoir and the test part. When this circuit is filled with air and isolated from the supply, any leak results in a flow of air from the reservoir to the test part through the transducer. The transducer output provides a direct measurement of leakage. The instrument can detect leaks ranging from 0 to 20 standard cubic centimeters per minute, and it can measure pressure ranging from 0 to 100 psig. The transducer has a repeatability and sensitivity of 0.05 percent F.S.D.

The leak detector may operate as a stand-alone instrument or can easily be interfaced with a PLC or PC via Ethernet IP or user I/O interfaces.

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