ROCKY HILL, CT--One of America's newest televised sports is a contest of engineering, creativity and mechanical endurance.

Now in its second year on the Comedy Central television network, "BattleBots" showcases combat between robots in an enclosed ring. The robots are equipped with a variety of destructive weaponry, including saws, hammers and spikes.

Adhesive supplier Loctite Corp. sponsors the most menacing of the competitors, Vlad the Impaler. Controlled and built by Gage Cauchois, Vlad won the heavyweight division championship of BattleBots during the show's first season. The 208-pound robot does its damage by impaling opponents with sharpened steel prongs.

"I use Loctite adhesives all over my robot, and I think all of the other competitors here use it too," says Cauchois.

When your robot is going to be jolted, sawed, poked and flipped, you need to make sure that nothing is going to come loose, says Cauchois. "The robots go through incredible vibration, and they endure repeated impacts from walls, hazards and other robots," he says. "So, I lock everything down that I can."

All of the screws that secure the drive train and sprockets are held in place with medium-strength threadlocker. A retaining compound holds the drive sprocket on the shaft. The motor brackets are secured to the steel frame with bolts secured by medium-strength threadlocker. A wicking grade threadlocker secures two plates together. "Just about every place I could use a threadlocker or retaining compound, I did," says Cauchois.