NIEDERONZ, SWITZERLAND – Fiber laser cutting system manufacturer Bystronic will now assemble its BySmart Fiber 3015 cutter at a new facility in Hoffman Estates, IL. The cutter will be shipped virtually fully assembled to most locations within North America. The current plan is that in fall 2020, the next-generation BySmart Fiber 4020 will also be assembled at this facility.
The BySmart Fiber 3015 laser cutting machine, with 8- and 10-kilowatt fiber laser power, is the first machine to be locally produced in the three major market regions of the world: North America, Europe, and Asia, strengthening the company’s global product availability and supply chain diversification.
This process will reduce the installation time at the customer’s location by as much as 65 percent. Also, the machines will be 100 percent inspected and tested in the U.S. plant before shipment, which ensures that production will be up and running shortly after the installation is complete. Customer delivery lead times will also be reduced significantly.
Bystronic will locally source machine components and subassemblies as economically practical. The company has already identified suppliers for the mainframe, housing, dust tray, laser source, and other components, and orders have already been placed with these vendors. Many of these vendors are current Bystronic customers and will be using Bystronic machinery to produce the parts.
The newly built 164,894-square-foot IL facility will include a Customer Experience Center and the headquarters for the Americas market region. It will serve as the hub for Bystronic U.S. business operations, including sales, service, training, spare parts, and the refurbishing of used machinery.
The total investment for this project represents approximately $30 million. A grand opening for the new Experience Center and headquarters for the Americas in Hoffman Estates is scheduled for September 16-17, 2020.