What were ASSEMBLY Magazine's Top 10 most popular articles from 2022? Multimedia Editor Jennifer Pierce links up with Chief Editor John Sprovieri and Senior Editor Austin Weber for a countdown of the ten most-read manufacturing stories from 2022. 

To start, let's set the stage with an overview of manufacturing 2022 and 2023 outlook (above).


#10 Measuring the Impact of Digital Transformation

The term digital manufacturing has been thrown about quite a bit in recent years. It's the marketing term du jour. It's trendy, but it also creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in the marketplace. So, what does digital transformation mean? Senior Editor Austin Weber states, "Digital is something that you can't bolt onto your existing operation. Digital transformation initiatives are woven together with internal and external processes. It is associated with connecting assets within factories and extracting meaningful data to make more informed business decisions and monitor performance. A lot of it comes down to software." Read ASSEMBLY Magazine's #10 most-read article from 2022, Measuring the Value of Digital Transformation, here


#9 Eight Essential Steps to a Great User Requirements Specification

The success of an automation project depends on a well-written user requirement specification. Swiss manufacturing engineer Charles Tschaggeny recounts his first attempt to automate an assembly line—and the lessons he learned the hard way—in Eight Essential Steps to a Great User Requirements Specification. Listen to Chief Editor John Sprovieri's take on ASSEMBLY Magazine's #9 most-read article:


#8 Electric Tractors Tackle Off-Highway Jobs

Coming to a neighborhood, construction site or farm near you: electric tractors. What about electric tractors is so appealing that multiple companies in the sector are jumping on board? Learn and listen:

Electric Tractors Tackle Off-Highway Jobs


#7 2022 Assembly Plant of the Year

Since 2004, ASSEMBLY Magazine has honored a plant of the year showcasing world-class production facilities in America and the people, products, and processes that make them successful. Brose Tuscaloosa snagged our 2022 Plant of the Year Award and landed at #7 on our most-read Top 10 countdown. Do you have what it takes to win 2023 Plant of the Year? Nominate a plant.


#6 Man vs. Machine

Man vs. machine: It’s an age-old debate that has lingered in one form or another since the invention of the steam engine in the early 1700s. And while robots stealing human jobs may be a topic of the past, it's still a relevant area of interest for our audience and society, as discourse shows up in connection to AI advancements in recent times. ASSEMBLY Magazine's number 6 most-read article from 2022, Man vs. Machine examines the topic. In this video, our editors share their thoughts on the matter: 


#5 Relativity Space Takes 3D Printing To New Extremes

Traditionally, additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry was used to make small metal parts like brackets or fuel nozzles. However, Relativity Space Inc., based out of Los Angeles, is creating a new technology to make much larger parts. The company’s goal is to eventually be able to make an entire rocket with additive manufacturing. Read the number 5 manufacturing story from 2022 on assemblymag.com: Relativity Space Takes 3D Printing to New Extremes.

#4 Serial Production of World’s First Flying Car

Pal-V says it will begin serial production of the world’s first combined road/air vehicle, called the
 Liberty, in 2023. During flight, the vehicle is a two-seat gyroplane with a top speed of 110 mph and a maximum takeoff weight of one ton. It can fly up to 310 miles or for a time four hours. On the ground, it transforms into a three-wheeled car that reaches a top speed 100 mph and a distance of up 817 miles. Read the number four story on our countdown, here.

#3 Justifying Investment in Automation

Traditional barriers to automation are falling. Factory automation has become less costly, more accessible, easier to implement and more flexible. However, some manufacturers still hesitate to automate due to concerns over cost, complexity, employee anxiety or return on investment. Any investments in automation need to be carefully justified. Today, there are many ways to justify automation beyond mere labor costs. ASSEMBLY Magazine’s, Chief and Senior Editors give us the rundown:

Get caught up for 2023. Check out the number three most-read article of 2022: Justifying Investment in Automation


#2 The Ongoing Chip Shortage

It was on our Top Manufacturing Stories from 2021 list and it’s making another appearance at number two in 2022. It’s the ongoing chip shortage. Find out the latest update:


#1 Ramping up EV Production

If it flies, rolls or floats, it’s going electric. Who is leading the EV movement? We’ve got you covered. Find out more about our number one story:



Make sure to stay tuned throughout 2023 for reporting on all of the top manufacturing stories in 2023.