The Digiforce 9307 monitors processes in which precisely defined functional relationships between two or more measured quantities need to be demonstrated. These quantities are recorded synchronously during a manufacturing process or functional testing to produce a measurement curve, which is then assessed using graphical and mathematical evaluation techniques. After internal evaluation, the curve and evaluation results are visualized on a color display and are also output via external control interfaces. The processes in the controller are optimized by a powerful real-time operating system to achieve a fast evaluation cycle: It typically takes just 15 milliseconds to deliver an “OK” or “not OK” result, which can then be analyzed by a higher-level controller. 

In addition to traditional evaluation windows with defined entry and exit sides, the instrument also offers thresholds, trapeziums of type X or Y, and envelopes as graphical evaluation elements. Individual evaluation results from the graphical tools can then be combined by mathematical operations to provide even more analysis flexibility for a range of signal curves. 

The device has a range of process control applications, including monitoring processes such as joining, riveting or caulking, or checking torque curves, for instance for hinges or high-quality rotary controls. Even complex signal-over-time curves, such as pressure curves or leaks, can be monitored using a large choice of evaluation techniques. 

Simultaneous recording of up to two Y variables (Y1 and Y2) with respect to a common X variable allows many applications to use one Digiforce controller to monitor two synchronous processes. 

Alternatively, this feature can be used to evaluate an application with three process variables—for instance the force-displacement curve and associated current consumption of a lifting electromagnet. While Digiforce is used in many automated production areas, it is equally at home at a manual workstation, for instance, to monitor force-displacement when using hand presses for assembly or for random spot-checking of incoming parts. 

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