LISLE, IL—BMW Group has selected Molex’s Volfinity Cell Contacting System (CCS) for use in next-generation electric vehicles. 

In development since 2018, Volfinity delivers a reliable and easy-to-implement interface that connects cells to the control board in an EV battery module, eliminating the need for daisy-chained wires. It enables integrated cell sensing features, cell monitoring and balancing, and temperature measurement functions, all designed to meet functional safety requirements.

“[Our] cell contacting system award is a testament to BMW Group’s commitment to driving comparative advantage through engineering innovation in the EV space,” says Steve Drysdale, vice president and general manager of the Micro Solutions Business Unit at Molex.

“Our global teams located in Singapore, China and Germany served as an extension of the BMW Group’s engineering teams, collaborating around-the-clock to provide rapid design iteration and problem resolution to innovate Volfinity to meet BMW’s unique requirements,” adds Drysdale. “Our dedication to the innovation process resulted in a transformational interconnect solution for the BMW Group, and we are thrilled to be chosen.”