BEDFORD, England—A new seven-member consortium has been formed to create a next-generation, all-electric propulsion module to enhance aircraft performance. The goal of Integrated Flight Control, Energy Storage and Propulsion Technologies for Electric Aircraft (INCEPTION) is to develop a highly power-dense, quiet and efficient propulsion module with zero tailpipe emissions.

“The future electrification of aircraft propulsion will have a significant positive environmental effect, helping to reduce emissions and lower the carbon footprint of aviation,” says Yoge Patel, CEO of Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd., a company that specializes in unmanned aerial systems and is the leader of the consortium. “The INCEPTION propulsion module will bring game-changing technology to manned and unmanned aviation, delivering unrivalled performance and value in this newly emerging sector.

“[It] will be inherently scalable, enabling different combinations of the same module to power multiple aircraft concepts, such as large cargo drones, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), general aviation aircraft and subregional aircraft,” claims Patel. “This will enable a broad range of new mobility services across the UK, from large cargo delivery to regional commuting.”