Peterbilt Motors Co. (Denton, TX), a division of Paccar Inc., manufactures commercial trucks and offers a broad range of services for over-the-road, construction, municipal and medium-duty truck markets. On highways, construction sites, city streets and logging roads, the company’s red oval is a familiar symbol of performance, reliability and pride. The company offers a full line of Class 6 to 8 trucks and an array of aftermarket support programs.

To satisfy the unique needs and job challenges of its customers, Peterbilt manufactures each truck to customer specifications. And whether the order calls for one fully appointed owner truck or a unit specified to fleet requirements, each is manufactured to the same standard.

During the past several years, Peterbilt has introduced more new products and services than at any time in its history. Some of these new products include trucks and sleepers that appeal to a broader range of industries, with more options, safety components and comfort features.

Peterbilt had previously used an anaerobic sealing compound to preassemble threaded assemblies. But, the compound did not offer the pliability necessary for part adjustment during final assembly. The company now uses Hernon Manufacturing Inc.’s (Sanford, FL) Powerseal 932 sealant and Autosealer 2600 dispensing system to speed production and improve reliability of these threaded assemblies.

Powerseal 932 offers pliability. It also maintains a consistent seal in an environment that includes exposure to diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid and motor oil. Powerseal is a single-component, nonhardening pipe sealant that lubricates and seals threaded pipe connections and O-rings. It is unaffected by water, oil, ammonia, glycerin, steam, exhaust fumes and most hard-to-hold liquids. Its pliability allows it to withstand severe vibration without crumbling, cracking or shrinking. It is safe to use on all substrates, including plastics and metals.

To speed the assembly process and reduce sealant waste, Peterbilt is also using the Autosealer 2600 dispensing system. It is a low-cost and portable system for dispensing paste sealants directly onto threaded components.

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