FORT MYERS, FL-Automation technology company Innova Holdings Inc. has announced that it is acquiring mobile service robot company CoroWare Inc. (Bellevue, WA). According to Innova Holdings CEO Walter Weisel, the move will help Innova-which specializes in providing both hardware and software products to the military, personal, service and industrial robotics markets-to compete more aggressively in the military sector.

"The U.S. Government has appropriated $33 billion to develop an unmanned fighting force. The goal is to convert 30 percent of its fighting force to unmanned systems by 2010," Weisel says. "We believe robotics will play a key role in future armament and guidance systems for this unmanned force....CoroWare has demonstrated the development and integration expertise necessary to tie together mobile and embedded systems for such advanced robotics applications employing the latest in software platforms."

According to Weisel, the acquisition will also allow Innova Holdings to "strengthen its core business in the industrial and service robot industries here in the United States and worldwide."