Medical Coaches relies on ITW Plexus adhesives for all its critical aluminum bonding.

Medical Coaches (Oneonta, NY) manufactures special-purpose mobile units for medicine, electronics, communications, and instrumentation and control. The company has more than 50 years experience in the design and construction of such units. Medical Coaches has built thousands of mobile units for customers around the world.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, these units include ambulances, medical clinics, blood banks, dental clinics, magnetic resonance imaging units, infectious waste disposal units and dialysis units.

Medical Coaches relies on ITW Plexus adhesives (Danvers, MA) for all its critical aluminum bonding. The mobile units must typically withstand severe loading stresses, vibration, temperature extremes and thermal cycling. So the adhesives must be able to withstand the same.

By using these adhesives, the company has been able to eliminate rivets and distribute stresses evenly across a wide area. The adhesives also add structural integrity, increase production throughput and improve the cosmetic appearance of the mobile units.

These adhesives require no sanding or grinding, cure quickly at room temperature and can increase plant throughput by up to 200 percent. "We have used Plexus A0420 adhesive for over 2 years. The time savings in assembly and the increase in the quality of our product is very impressive," says R.E. Mattice, vice president of engineering at Medical Coaches.

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