In today’s fast-paced environment, the success of an automation company is measured by its ability to provide best in class solutions and services with reduced time and costs. With over three decades of experience in the automation industry, we’ve learned the only means of achieving this is by providing a thorough package that is strong from top to bottom.

Providing quality automation services is a complex system, which includes project management, integrated build and service divisions, in-house operations and more. Maintaining a level of excellence in the automation industry starts with exceeding every customer’s expectations. Exceeding expectations means 1.) reducing components, 2.) minimizing costs, and 3.) increasing ease of maintenance.

In order to achieve these three goals, it starts with keeping all aspects of a project in-house. We’ve learned by containing our projects in-house, it allows us to not only maintain quality consistency on track with a project, but also respond quickly to any situation that may arise with full confidence that we will find a quick solution. In doing so, automation companies will be able to touch on all three points mentioned above.

Another important component of a successful automation company is making sure components are easy to identify, both during the machine build, and after installation. Over the years, we’ve learned to place emphasis on component identification and documentation. All custom machined details are laser marked with a unique part number and 2D barcode. When linked with thorough and accurate drawings and documentation, the machine can be assembled faster and with less expense. Equally important, maintenance or service requests after installation are more accurately communicated.

As we mentioned, excelling in the automation industry requires you to provide a thorough package from start to finish. This means providing service after the finished product is delivered. Downtime can cost companies greatly, including labor costs, waste, profits and late delivery surcharges. If something goes wrong with the delivered product, an automation company should be expected to provide services to fix the problem. This is where a rapid response division needs to be effective. Eliminating downtime and providing a quick solution is essential to succeeding in the automation industry.

The automation industry is evolved into an on-going relationship with customers, and customers continue to expect more from the company they do business with. Maintaining a level of excellence is achieved by providing high-quality services at every stage of a project while maintaining a level of integrity and honesty.