The Böllhoff Group is continuously growing with its customer’s tasks and objectives. The Böllhoff mission is to consistently develop innovative products and services, tailor-made for customer applications.

A network of 45 companies at 40 locations in 24 countries with 3,000 motivated employees makes our contribution to optimizing the customer’s productivity and processes. Additionally, working with agencies in 5 continents secures closeness to all important markets.

Böllhoff breaks new ground with the innovative assembly system RIVSET®Automation Electric Hybrid. For this assembly system, the focus is on functionality, flexibility and design. Plus a long life, maximum availability and minimum maintenance, this is the foundation for effective production.

The intelligent machine variants - modular, comprehensive range - allow high flexibility from prototyping to large-scale production. The fast and high-performance control provides open software interfaces for robot communication as well as for provision of data via OPC UA.

The main requirements for such systems are a 100 % electrical installation on robots (no hose coupling), the compensation of punches (for high-strength steel applications with tensile strengths up to 1,600 MPa) and short process times - for some applications < 1.5 s. These systems are hard to outperform, since a TPM-concept is also provided.



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