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Franke is the inventor and manufacturer of wire race bearings. 95% of all Franke products are special solutions. They allow CT-scanners to run very quietly and with great precision, they make it possible to build robots extremely compact and light and they meet the strictest hygiene requirements in food production.

The decisive difference between an ordinary ball bearing and a Franke wire race bearing is in the raceways. In a wire race bearing, the rolling elements do not roll on solid housing rings, but on high performance wires. The flexibility of this principle makes it possible to design more freely, in order to develop better products.

Franke relies on highly automated processes as well as on the finest handwork. When looking for the ideal bearing solution, Franke is there right from the beginning. More than 280 Franke employees worldwide help to realize innovations - with their creativity, with their expertise and with their diligence. Whatever you want to set in motion, you will find the perfect solution at Franke.

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