Research Genetics Inc. needed a fully automated system that would increase productivity, meet extremely tight repeatability specifications and achieve high dot placement density when dispensing DNA genetic material. In addition, the company required a system that could be programmed in C to maintain conformity with other applications in its facility.

The company built a flexible, reliable workcell based on Epson America Inc.'s (Carson, CA) XM3000 series Cartesian robot. The XM3106B10LN was chosen because of its 15 micron repeatability, zero setting time, large work envelope and VBGuide software option that allowed Research Genetics to program in C. This means that the system can be reconfigured to suit customers' needs.

Parts are fed into the robot work envelope on a custom feeder. An on-board PC that also provides the machine-human interface controls both the robot and the feeder.

The precise repeatability of the robot allowed Research Genetics to increase product quality without having to invest in new equipment. And because of Epson's software, the company was able to design and build its own cell, eliminating the need to use an outside integrator. The increase in productivity has encouraged the company to invest in additional cells.

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