With reports of the West Nile virus, there is increased attention on the problem of mosquite control.

With reports of the West Nile virus, there is increased attention on the problem of mosquito control.

American Biophysics Corp. (East Greenwich, RI) specializes in insect mitigation and disease control. The company has developed a unique system for controlling mosquito populations that is achieving remarkable results, eliminating the need for insecticides and electric killing grids.

The Mosquito Magnet system operates 24 hours a day to eliminate various biting insects. The trap does not attract beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and butterflies. The system captures and desiccates female biting insects, contributing to eventual population control.

The propane-powered device emits a mixture of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture that mimics the breathing of a warm-blooded mammal. This attracts the biting insects, and they are vacuumed into a containment net. Once captured, the insects eventually dehydrate and die.

The Mosquito Magnet uses Counterflow technology. Central to the Counterflow technology is a specialized version of Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.’s (Cincinnati) EV electronic valve.

The valve incorporates two built-in, brass connectors. In addition to the valve, the company uses a special brass adaptor and spray nozzle assembly, and copper tubing that is prebent to the application specifications from Clippard. The tube incorporates two ferrule fittings that are crimped onto its ends. Like the valve modifications, the customized tube contributes to ease of assembly, eliminating the need to manage multiple small components during unit production.

For more information on valves, call 513-521-4261 or visit http://www.clippard.com.