When Suspa Inc. (Altdorf/Nuremberg, Germany), a producer of nitrogen gas cylinders, began looking for a U.S. company to supply assembly equipment to its North American unit, its search stopped with JR Automation Technologies Inc. (Holland, MI), a custom machine builder.

Suspa provides more than 23,000 different nitrogen gas cylinders to U.S. customers. Suspa serves a niche market for both small and large orders of cylinders. Thus, automation needs include a fast cycle time and a quick change-out procedure to make the machinery cost-effective.

Suspa’s initial semiautomated line required five operators to run. Its pre-existing automated process was an in-line progression on a horizontal plane. JR Automation presented a rotary solution, which used gravity instead of working against it. The machine could be maintained by one operator. This substantially increased the output per operator. With this rotary system, components are released and guided into place and then rotated to the next station for assembly. Within seconds, the system can purge all components and the load areas can be adjusted to accommodate a new part. Production resumes again with little interruption in the manufacturing schedule.

The key to success was the teamwork that developed between the two companies. With open communication on every level, an effective, efficient machine was built with no surprises or misunderstandings.

Today, this system continues to be the centerpiece of Suspa’s automation. The companies continue to work together to improve the manufacturing process.

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