ASSEMBLY magazine is sponsoring a discussion on Fuel Cell Manufacturing Challenges at the Assembly Technology Expo on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

ASSEMBLY magazine is sponsoring a special panel discussion on Fuel Cell Manufacturing Challenges at the Assembly Technology Expo in Rosemont, IL, on Wednesday, Sept. 24 (2 to 4 p.m.).

The lively, interactive discussion will examine the major hurdles that must be traversed on the road to fuel cell commercialization. It will also address the mass-production issues, such as design constraints and materials compatibility, that must be addressed before fuel cells become a cost-effective power source for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Panelists will include Mike Krumpelt, manager-fuel cell development program, Argonne National Laboratory (Argonnne, IL); Stan Ream, automotive market leader, Edison Welding Institute (Columbus, OH); Craig Spencer, manufacturing leader, Gore Fuel Cell Technologies (Elkton, MD); Chris Tynan, director, Illinois 2H2 (Chicago); and Rodger McKain, president, SOFCo-EFS Holdings LLC (Alliance, OH). Austin Weber, senior editor of ASSEMBLY magazine, will serve as moderator of the panel.

Participants in the panel discussion will explore the promises and pitfalls of various fuel cell technologies, sharing success stories and lessons learned. The 2-hour presentation will conclude with an interactive Q&A session between the participants and the audience.

In addition to the panel discussion Wednesday afternoon, a morning session (9:45 a.m. to 12 p.m.) will focus on Fuel Cell Assembly Techniques. A team of experts from the Edison Welding Institute will discuss a wide variety of technical issues that affect the production of fuel cell components. Topics will include brazing of fuel cell materials, adhesive bonding for harsh environments, and laser welding of heat exchangers.

The 24th annual Assembly Technology Expo (Sept. 23-25), the largest all-assembly trade show in the world, will feature more than 600 exhibitors. More than 10,000 engineers from a diverse array of industries are expected to attend the event. For more information, visit